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Helping "Leaders, Teams & Individuals" develop powerful personal presence to inform, influence and inspire thus improving careers, businesses & lives.

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Developing leadership communication through mindfulness. Resulting in you being able to lead with courage, clarity, conviction and compassion. 

Rohit Bassi Leadership Communication Keynote Speaker


Through his powerful talks, Rohit Bassi, helps you become more persuasive & influential, eliminate conflicts & listen without prejudice.

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Discover our virtual or face to face practical workshops and coaching led by a highly experienced team from across the globe.

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Miracle of Compassion For TED 

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Effective Communication Skills

C-Level & Executive Leaders Communication

Leadership Executive Presence

Great Leaders are Great Communicators

President, CEO, COO,  CXO, CFO, CIO, CTO, MD, VP or a Director need to exchange their ideas and seek solutions for their business challenges in an atmosphere that fosters entrepreneurial thinking and encourages teamwork to accomplish goals. We help you in communicating your message with clarity, conviction and compassion.

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Founders, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners


Lead your Business by Communicating Clearly

As a business founder, owner or entrepreneur refining your leadership skills will help you to communicate your vision for your business with greater ease and motivate your team for high performance. We help you to develop your leadership skills and empower your team to increase productivity, be effective at getting things done and be on a path of constant improvement. 

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Middle Management & Team Members

Become a Leader by Mastering Communication

Strong management and team are particularly significant if you want to ensure the business as a whole grows and develops. Companies without effective managers and teams struggle in achieving the companies goals. We help in developing managers and teams in bringing their talents and skills, which contribute to the overall success of the organisation. 

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Life Communication Skills

To Live a Great Life, Master Communication

We work with professionals, celebrities, world-class supermodels, students, friends, and loved ones in every area of communication. Coaching could be in leadership, sales, presentation skills or life coaching. We help you accomplish your purpose, vision, dream, calling in life or just having that empathic listening ear without the ego and judgment.

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What ROI Talks Clients Are Saying

Amanda Vickers
Amanda Vickers SpeakFirst, United Kingdom
He is a true professional with a warm heart who really cares about the people he presents to, coaches and trains. Three words that come to mind to describe him are compassionate, engaging and inspiring.
Hassan Amin Emirates NBD, United Arab Emirates
Rohit is a friendly facilitator who has taken the development programs to the next level. He is a creative expert in his field, with always a can-do approach. He is also the best person to listen as he is clear, precise and to the point.
Annie Yahaya
Annie Yahaya Vital Voices Asia, Malaysia
One can witness his sincerity in imparting knowledge and helping people become than before they walk through his programs. And he has a great sense of humour. That makes him a wholesome trainer and educator.


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