Rohit Bassi

Dec 19, 2019


Presentation or public speaking is very painful for many.  Add to the misery, sad but true you now have an attention span less than of a gold-fish. The sweet looking goldfish attention span is nine seconds, but according to a research done by Microsoft”


“The average human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, but by 2013 it was only 8 seconds (1 second shorter than a goldfish!).”

Now that is extremely scary especially with the digital age we live in. Your audience is often distracted by their own smartphones, tablets or laptop screens. On top of that, they are listening to you with your slide deck doing you no favours. And then there are some who take a nap and others just seem so dumbfounded that you can no longer be bothered with them.

You can find all the excuses you want but it your responsibility as the speaker to keep the attention span of the audience at a high, a constant high. The simple B3 Formula works like a charm. It ensures to involve, engage and enable your audience.

Over the years I have attended numerous presentations and I have delivered numerous myself. Through these experiences, I learnt there are three crucial parts to any talk. Just like a book, movie or a story all three parts have equal weighting. In fact, you love the book, movie, story and the presentation when all three parts entice you. These three parts being:

  • Start/ Beginning

  • Middle/ Centre

  • End/ Conclusion

B3 Formula brings your presentation to life, which means:

  • Start/ Beginning with a BANG!!!

  • Middle/ Centre erupt with a number of Bang! Bang!, Bang!

  • End/ Conclusion end with finale BANG!!!

These BANGS are a mixture of emotions, facts, figure, stories, humour, videos, audios, props, words, voice, body language and anything that will grab the attention of the audience. Thus you ensure you involve, engage and enable your audience.

In all three parts of the presentation, your audience attention span is on a high, the risk of distraction due to their smartphones, tablets or laptop screen is literally eliminated. Indeed the nap taker and the dumbfounded souls have a complete focus on you.

In other words, remember your presentation is a spectacular fireworks symphony. It is all about the BANG!!! Bang! Bang! Bang! BANG!!!

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Written by:

Rohit Bassi


Dec 19, 2019