Rohit Bassi

Nov 22, 2019


Digital executive presence is more than just your website and social media profiles. People and companies are watching your online behaviour (personal and work) to get a bigger picture of your whole life.


Digital executive presence is about:

  1. Creating a professional brand

  2. Finding the right people

  3. Engaging with insights

  4.  Building and developing strong relationships

In essence digital presence is about building, developing and nurturing relationships online that enable people and companies to see, feel and hear who you truly are. It is authenticity, pre-suasion and persuasion working as one.  

Successful digital executive presence purposeful focus to:

  • Inform

  • Influence

  • Inspire

Three timeless pillars of digital executive presence are simply:

  • A -AUTHORITY – Be the leader in your arena. Involves providing value & evergreen content, and sharing regularly.

  • C – CONNECT – First, connect with relevant people. Second, engage them via likes, comments & shares.

  • E – ENGAGE – Mix of text posts, images, sharing & writing articles, videos. Remember to develop offline rapport.

Six essentials that you need to be aware of are:

  1. Update Profile – Includes headline, summary, job descriptions, and accomplishments, profile banner.

  2. Resources – Research relevant resources such as wins, news, online articles, videos, images, thoughts to be shared.

  3. Regular Posting – Ensure you are posting on a regular basis. Will that be one, twice or three times a day, week or month.

  4. Powerful Connections – Get & focus on relevant connects. Engage with likes, comments, share their connect and email them.

  5. Review Ways – Ensure to review your statistics of engagement. Check on how to improve engagement, shares and connect offline.

  6. Unique Content – A combination of articles, images, videos, text that is unique to you are posted (not just copy and paste from others).

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Written by:

Rohit Bassi


Nov 22, 2019