Rohit Bassi

Dec 17, 2020


Executive Presence: The missing link between merit and success”.–  Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Consider President Obama, Jack Ma, and Sheryl Kara Sandberg. They have something in common apart from wealth. Without this skill, you may seriously impact your growth. For your ongoing success learn to develop skills that allow you to communicate, negotiate and lead. With “executive presence” increase your happiness leading to your growth and increase in value.

Yes, they all use digital technology but to get that edge they speak with people by presenting live in front of them. In turn allowing them to communicate, negotiate and lead with great success. There are many traits needed to be an effective leader, and one that demonstrates actual executive presence. It is not just about style and appearance. It has many elements in it.

No matter what you wish to achieve, acquiring executive presence is going to make the job easier! Although each person’s executive presence varies in presentation and expression, there are certain qualities which are common to almost all individuals that possess this way of being.




Through “executive presence” equip yourself with tools and techniques that allow you to:

  • Establish rapport with individuals, teams, and audiences

  • How to appeal, influence and persuade different types of people

  • Learn techniques to reduce nervousness and fear

In addition, learn skills that allow you to:

  • Realise your strengths as a presenter

  • Get ready to handle questions with ease

  • Presenting with a BANG! BANG! BANG!

With great impact to inform, influence and inspire people. Get ready to enhance your image, convince, and be impressive by presenting with high personal impact.

It’s never too late to work on developing and improving the key aspects of executive presence. When you reach out to the universe with success in mind, success finds its way back to those who seek it.

Get Ready for IMPACT…”Speak Your Success through your EXECUTIVE PRESENCE”

Written by:

Rohit Bassi


Dec 17, 2020