Rohit Bassi

May 24, 2019


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Have you ever been asked or questioned yourself whether you can be a leader? Do you deem yourself as leadership material? Do others in your circle perceive you as a (good) leader? You may think that you are a great leader, support your team well, and complete your projects on time; your peers may have different views about you. Why? It’s because being a leader is not enough unless you have a strong leadership presence. 

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Leadership presence is something that is often regarded as something mysterious and magical. In reality, it is all about your ability to inspire and build confidence in everyone around you including your team members (to follow you), peers (to show that you are credible and capable), and senior executives (to demonstrate that you can achieve milestones and take their mission ahead).

Sessions for developing executive presence
To be honest, leadership presence is a skill rather than a trait. It means you can actually develop and cultivate it. How? The shortest possible answer is leadership presence coaching. Dylan Walsh from MIT Management Sloan School shared in one of his articles-

“In-factory soft skills training returned roughly 250 percent on investment within eight months of its conclusion.”

Since employees’ stronger leadership presence directly benefits an organization, developing this skill can help you go a long way and become a profitable asset for your organization.

Is Leadership Presence Really Important? 

First, we want to ask you a question – Have you ever heard a popular saying that “all critical decisions about you are made in your absence”?

It’s true. With leadership presence coaching, there is one thing certain that you could shape. That is what people think and say about you in your absence. So, when it comes to important opportunities and events, such as your promotion and assignment of high-visibility projects, your ability to inspire confidence in people can play a huge role.

When you have a strong influence on your seniors and decision-makers, there are higher chances that the first person that will emerge in their mind is you. Their decisions and inclination will be based on the confidence you have created in them.

Yes, leadership presence is an essential career and life skill that all ambitious, goal-driven, and foresighted organizations seek in their leaders. If you desire to create a powerful impression with everyone you interact with, developing an effective leadership presence is the ultimate answer.

While leadership presence may seem to come naturally to charismatic leaders it is a skill that can be attained under the guidance of the right coaches. Learning this career and life skill through leadership presence coaching will help you bridge the gap between merit and success.

Developing Leadership Presence Through Presenting

For your ongoing success learn to develop skills that allow you to communicate, negotiate and lead. With leadership presence or also called “executive presence” increases your happiness leading to your growth and increase in value.

Yes, digital technology helps. To get that edge to speak and engage with people by presenting live in front of them. In turn allowing you to communicate, negotiate and lead with great success. There are many traits needed to be an effective leader and one that demonstrates actual executive presence shines out. It is not just about style and appearance.

No matter what you wish to achieve, acquiring executive presence is going to make the job easier! Each person’s executive presence varies. Through leadership (executive) presence equip yourself with tools and techniques that allow you to:

  • Establish rapport with individuals, teams, and audiences

  • Appeal, influence and persuade different types of people

  • Learn techniques to remove self-doubt, nervousness and fear

In addition, learn skills that allow you to:

  • Realise your strengths as a presenter

  • Get ready to handle tough questions with ease

  • Present with a BANG! BANG! BANG!

With great impact to inform, influence and inspire people. Enhance your image, convince, and be impressive by presenting with high personal connect. It’s never too late to work on developing and improving the key aspects of leadership (executive) presence.

Get Ready for IMPACT…”Speak Your Success through EXECUTIVE PRESENCE”

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. —Kenneth Blanchard

Written by:

Rohit Bassi


May 24, 2019