Rohit Bassi

Jul 31, 2020


Executive presence is difficult to quantify, but impossible to miss once you spot it. A hallmark of successful people, the characteristics which make up executive presence not only enable people to rise above adversity, innovate, create and succeed, but also to be an inspiration to others.

No matter what you wish to achieve, acquiring executive presence is going to make the job easier! Although each person’s executive presence varies in presentation and expression, there are certain qualities which are common to almost all individuals that possess this way of being.

If you feel that your life and that of those around you would be enriched through the acquisition of executive presence, take a look at the following traits which are six key parts/qualities of the executive presence persona.



1. Neuroscience

Broadly the study of neural pathways and the anatomy of the nervous system, neuroscience also incorporates a large body of wisdom relating to psychological factors such as perception, memory, thought, habits, responses, problem-solving and much more. By studying the research that exists about neuroscience, particularly how it translates into action, it’s possible to find and adopt more productive, positive ways of working. Many people with executive presence utilise neuroscience in order to better achieve their chosen objectives.

2. Critical Thinking

Critical thinkers have the ability to get to the heart of an issue, then find a constructive way to solve whatever the key problem might be. All too often, subjectivity, personal agendas and pre-conceived ideas can act as unproductive filters between us and the matter in hand. Critical thinking requires that we set aside our own, personal lenses and view things in an objective, logical way in order to find the most suitable forward path. Those with executive presence focus on getting the job done, working cooperatively with others towards shared goals and a positive journey together.

3. Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are important qualities for forward progression, particularly when they are combined with the persistence necessary to move ideas and dreams into reality. Anyone possessing executive presence usually demonstrates a degree of innovation – an ability to look at a product or process and recognise how it could be made better, then set about achieving that aim. Creativity can also form a useful part of problem-solving. How often has a completely off-the-wall solution resulted in a powerful change for good? Out-of-the-box thinkers, innovators, creators and revolutionaries, those with executive presence dare to do things differently!

4. Listening

Almost invariably, to achieve anything successfully, collaboration with other people is needed, which means that learning not only to listen, but also to hear, is vital. Listening is about more than just understanding words: taking account of people’s perceptions, body language and viewpoint is vital in order to appreciate the full sentiments of what they’re saying. Listening productively and sensitively is perhaps one of the most important tools an individual with executive presence can possess.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional integrity, empathy and control are a crucial aspect of any executive presence. Rather than hiding behind a “front”, emotionally intelligent people are open about their emotions, communicating excitement, joy and enthusiasm as well as a healthy concern should adverse events arise. Tending towards optimism and looking for the opportunities, emotionally intelligent people have great empathy for others, striving to make their interactions as mutually satisfying and positive as possible. With emotional intelligence, individuals are able to experience life authentically, expressing feelings from the heart in a manner which is both empowering and inspiring.

6. Presentation/ Public Speaking/ Communication

Communication is at the heart of good relations with other people, which are what’s needed if you’re going to get where you need to go. Whether you’re making a presentation, chairing a meeting or simply having a conversation that matters with a colleague, partner, customer or supplier, clear, honest communication is a key part of displaying your executive presence. Successful communication has the power to transform the lived experience at every level, enabling closer, more meaningful relationships with everybody we come into contact with.

By making a conscious effort to embed these six qualities of executive presence into the way you think, speak and act, it’s possible to begin to develop the executive presence that others will recognise and respond positively to.

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Written by:

Rohit Bassi


Jul 31, 2020