Rohit Bassi

Oct 11, 2019


The message and the way you delivery are two crucial aspects of the world of sales. You would want people to focus on what you say, especially when you are delivering a presentation to them. This could be standing up or a sit-down meeting. Many people instantly get fearful when they are asked to deliver a presentation or speech.

Your sales presentation’s (meeting) quality is a vital factor that determines whether a prospect considers your deal or the deal of your competitor. The following tips will help you make your sales presentation powerful and effective.


1. Develop A Connection

When you are introducing a new product/service to the prospect, prepare some samples/examples of the product/service to the prospects. Deliver your presentation using the samples/examples, which create curiosity leading to the prospect asking questions. Using the samples/examples link between your product/service and with what the prospect requires. When your prospects will see what the finished product/service exactly looks like, they will be able to ask relevant questions and better understand your message. Besides, this will also give you an edge over your competitors.

2. Get To The Point

Business people of today’s world are busier than ever and never like to hear long presentations or have unending discussions. Be clear and concise with your key points. Learn how to present them effectively. Keep your talk short and never incomplete. It must be engaging and must present important aspects accurately.

Make sure you understand your key points very well and verbalize them before meeting the prospects. During and after making key points, stay ready for any question shooting towards you. Take notes of comments so that you can:

  • Talk about their specific needs

  • Explain how your product/service will fulfill their needs

  • Respond to any objections and reservations the prospects may have about your product /service

  • Use their feedback to make further improvements or refine future sales

3. Say It With Energy

The majority of sales presentations are considered to be boring. This is because many salespeople’s voices lack excitement. If you want your prospects to listen to you and consider your presentation, it’s necessary that you show your enthusiasm and energy through your voice. Use your voice and modulation effectively instead of speaking in a monotone manner.

To know how you sound during the presentation and improve your speech, use a voice recorder to tape your presentation. As soon as you will hear yourself, you will gain clarity about where you need to make improvements. Thus allowing you to deliver presentations in a dynamic and interesting manner.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Learning various other tricks and tips through the sales presentation skills workshops can take you to the zeniths of success.

To stay ahead in the tough competition of the corporate world, hiding behind curtains is not an option anymore. It’s in your best interest to enroll and attend the sales presentation skills workshop to learn how to give a presentation or improve your deliverance skills.

Written by:

Rohit Bassi


Oct 11, 2019