Rohit Bassi

Feb 15, 2019


“Actions speak louder than words” a phrase we all heard and it makes the introvert inside us a bit comfortable. But when we listen to orators like Mather Luther King, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, and many others, one assumes that they were the naturally gifted speaker. To have a gift of gab is an art and just like any other art, it requires hard work and time to master it.


Signs of an Impressive Public Speaker


When someone addresses the crowd or delivers a presentation with great command and uses the right choices of words without any hesitation in his voice, it is because the speaker knows how to be authentic, while also delivering a captivating message.  If you want to make your presence felt while speaking then you need to adopt a unique voice and must have stage presence.


Speaking out the right words with correct emotions moves the soul of the audience. You could feel every word because the speaker knows that he has to keep the listener awake and active. Listening to stand-up artists like George Carlin and Dave Chappelle is fun, as they know how to express themselves and bind their audience even for more than an hour.

Body Language

Proper movement of arms, shoulder, legs, and head are not only part of body language while addressing the public but having eye contact, standing upright, using spaces and a bright smile are also part of the body language. Quite often the speaker connects to the listeners by using proper body language.

“So much is said with the electricity of the eyes, the intensity of whisper. Less is more”                                                                       

 -Elizabeth Taylor           

Now, you must be wondering how you can enhance your public speaking skills.

To achieve better public speaking skills, you should first know your niche. Having deep knowledge about the niche gives you confidence and authority when you speak. It is always better to select the niche of your interest.

“When you speak about something you passionately care about you will be more comfortable and feel more confident in your element”

– Brian Tracy

Here are the tips to deliver a successful and influential speech:

  • Just like you know your topic, you should know your audience. This way, you would know their interest, goals or needs and you would feel more connected with them.

  • Using imagery or famous quotes or lines helps you gain attention.

  • Conclude or End well, this is the part of your speech when most of the listeners are attentive, and just like your opening, people will remember if the ending has an impact.

  • “Practice makes a man perfect.” Speaking is an art and art is perfected with practice. You should practice wherever you feel comfortable and always try to speak your heart out. To sharpen your skill always take suggestions or feedback from listeners as this will help you speak better than before.

  • If you are someone who has just started and want to improve the public speaking skills, keep in mind that – “All the great speakers were bad speaker at first” –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

So, never be dragged down by others and focus on strengthening your speaking skills.

Written by:

Rohit Bassi


Feb 15, 2019