Rohit Bassi

Aug 16, 2019


“The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

Do you have an aspiration for success? Could you develop the courage to face and pass through failures? Are you willing to move from “fake it till you make it” towards “faith it and you will make it”?


It is time to commit, regardless of the obstacles (such as an obsession with digital disruption) you face in your career, business or life. Get into focus to move from failure to success. This means three things:

  • Know yourself thus leading to better decision making, setting and reaching appropriate goals and ultimately living a more productive existence.

  • Appreciate the importance of “no man is an island”. In other words, collaboration is what makes both men and women strive and thrive.

  • Embrace uncertainty by tapping into compassion, which allows you to stop hustling but stay in focus on what is important.

It is about “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”. In other words, when conditions become difficult people with a strong character become more determined.


  • Be Inspirational – amplify your strengths and work on areas for development, which means integration of intelligence, communication and emotional wisdom. It is time to uplift your executive presence (resilience, braveheart, grit).

  • Take Ownership – taking 100% responsibility for your feelings, thoughts, communication and actions which means to let logic and emotions work with each other. It is time to learn from failures and celebrate them.

  • Transformational – being creative and innovative adds value to yourself, others and the people you serve. Success is greater when we all take the steps to work as one. It is time to learn with collaboration you achieve much more.


Disruption To Transformation With Creativity & Innovation

The world is ever-changing and failure is part of the journey to success. The only way to keep up is to use your creativity to be flexible and adapt to the change. Too much work, so little time – You’ll keep adding more things on the plate if you keep doing everything the same way with less productivity. The solution is being creative, innovate and find faster & better ways of doing things.

High Touch With Emotional Wisdom

Through likeability, one gets rapport, which leads to trust. Trust is essential for anyone’s executive presence. How trustworthy are you? Through emotional wisdom, you develop your trust equation of credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-orientation. That means to influence with great impact for powerful collaboration.

Path of Success Through Neuroscience & Communication 

It is a matter of using the whole brain and to gain insight into ones neurological dominance always helps. Knowing yourself is the foundation of developing an executive presence, collaboration with harmony and embracing uncertainty. This allows you to know why you think and behave the way you do, and why other people may think and behave differently.

Amor Fati. Peace be with you.

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Written by:

Rohit Bassi


Aug 16, 2019