Rohit Bassi

May 10, 2019


Being a good presenter is no longer good enough in this time and age. There was a time that either the most outspoken person, smartest person or a leader was the requirement to be a good present to whom people would listen to. Times have dramatically changed and transformed from that era.

When you are in the corporate world, you have to prepare for delivering a presentation at one or another point of time. Most people think that only people with extrovert personalities can have remarkable presentation skills. Fortunately, in today’s era, anybody can develop and improve presentation skills in the business communication part. Whether you belong to the sales and marketing department, management or leadership team, you require excellent skills to present and articulate your ideas precisely and effectively.


A working individual needs to deliver presentations in various scenarios right from product/service presentations to motivational speeches. Having the right skills is necessary, as they need the person to inform, influence and inspire the audience. Communicating, challenging a C-level audience, negotiating with seniors or highly experienced people requires you learn to develop your presentation skills. This could be for stakeholders in different scenarios:

Sales – delivery of a powerful pitch to a client or selling a concept
Technical – ensure teams, budget holders or clients on projects get updates with clarity
Business Case – influencing to get approvals for your ideas
High-stake – persuasion with ease when defending decisions made
Here are five easy ways in which presentation skills benefit you, help you go ahead in your life and earn recognition:

Boost Public Speaking Skill

Whether you need to speak during a roadshow or product release, business communication is a part that you cannot ignore. If you do, it costs you the success that you dream and desire your whole life. If you do really want to achieve higher goals, get ready and prepare by learning presentation skills in business communication. They help you hone your public speaking skills.

Create a Long-lasting Impression in Positive Way

All of us know how important it is to make a good impression right from the beginning. In fact, it can make a massive impact on the likeliness of success or failure of your career or business. Since presentations are often the first step through which investors and prospects get to know about you, your company, and its offerings, you need excellent presentation skills to impress your audience.

Display Your Confidence

Confidence is a quintessential characteristic that can open a world of opportunities and help in succeeding. No matter if you belong to a high profile company or a fresh startup company, people will only notify you when you have the confidence to explain things properly in a clear and interesting way. By boosting your presentation skills, you can stand in front of an audience of thousands of guests and sport a confident look while delivering a presentation.

Build Trust in You and Your Business

Investors, prospects, and clients will trust you when you demonstrate how confident you are in your products, services, ideas, and beliefs. If you don’t display any sign of excellence, confidence, and clarity in communication, no company would like to place trust in you. So, develop good presentation skills and show them that you are trustworthy, credible, and confident in what you are saying.

Prevent Misunderstanding

Poor communication and presentation skills let you down on various occasions just because you don’t know how to convey a message properly. Improving presentation skills help you communicate in a much clearer and precise way. Besides, you get to learn how to deliver well-presented and informative props to avoid potential misunderstandings. Knowing how to mold a situation in your favor also helps you get out of tricky situations.

Thus, the importance of presentation skills in business communication is huge and ignoring them is not an option in this era anymore.

Written by:

Rohit Bassi


May 10, 2019