Executive Presence

The harmonious integration of I.C.E (intelligence, conscious communication, emotional wisdom) in developing and sustaining credibility.

Your Journey


Master the powerful art of leadership presence or “executive presence”. The missing link to success, self-leadership and leading others. Executive Presence is all about “JIGRA”, an ancient word from the heart of North India. It means a person of brave heart.


Braveheart entails you to integrate your brain, heart and mind. Thus giving you the inner courage/ strength, to be in the spirit to pass through the highs and adversities with enthusiasm. Such a state makes others perceive you as being without fear, fearless.

Realize your full potential in order to strengthen your executive presence in one-to-one and small group settings, formal meetings, and presentations.

That means:

  • Leading and influencing with great zeal

  • Tap into your inner and outer strength to get things done

  • Allowing yourself to connect with your emotional wisdom

  • Being decisive especially in tough situations

The session takes crucial elements from:

  • Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway from Dr. Susan Jeffers

  • Emotional Wisdom from Armand Kruger, Clinical Psychologist

  • Applied Neuroscience from MyBrain

  • The Solution from Dr. Segu Ramesh

It dwells into models and framework such as:

  • NLP Communication Model

  • Stephen R. Covey’s Listening Continuum

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • The Trust Equation


  • Develop an authentic and powerful communication style

  • Adopt an active compassionate listening style and be more open to the ideas of others

  • Deliver messages that are compelling, conviction and impact

  • Project more confidence and ease when interacting with others (internal, external, junior to senior)

  • Knowing the importance of creativity and innovation

  • Handle difficult conversations and situations with poise and gravitas

Session Topics

  • Truth About Executive Presence

  • Neurological Dominance Profile

  • The Truth About Trust Equation

  • Presence Through Speaking & Listening

  • Being Creative In Your Thinking

  • Strength or Warmth In Making Decisions


People have been told many myths and lies about leadership executive presence. 

Developing your leadership executive presence to authentically win and be in the hearts and minds of people means to expand yourself in three key areas.  Thus, allowing you to be much stronger in for your life, relationships, business and career. 

Often when it comes to leadership executive presence it means to look at three aspects:

  1. Gravitas (How you act?) - confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness.

  2. Communication (How you speak?) - including speaking skills, assertiveness and the ability to read an audience or situation.

  3. Appearance (How you look?) - looking the part in terms evaluate your manner of dress, appearance, and grooming.

To get these three aspects we need to dig deeper and look into I.C.E. Leadership Executive Presence is the harmonious integration of I.C.E in developing and sustaining credibility.

In other words, I.C.E. is intelligence, conscious communication and emotional wisdom.

To expand on this definition, it is about:

  • A journey of self-leadership then leading others

  • Inner self-discovery leading to developing your outer self

  • Gratitude in all situations, no matter how tough

  • Respect and integrate both emotions and logic

  • Awakening The A.C.E – Awareness. Consciousness. Energy

It means to have grit, be brave of heart, have resilience or be antifragile.

And it is required at all levels, not just for leaders or leadership roles. 

Review the nine questions below. 

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Your Journey

An adventure of vulnerability, versatility and victory

The Problem

Questions about the journey.

  1. As a leader do you want that you were able to get people to listen to your ideas so you could have more influence and be persuasive?

  2. As a leader do you want to instill in others the understanding and acceptance that you are in charge, to be followed and respected?

  3. Are you having a challenge in progressing in your career even though you are highly qualified? 

Leadership Executive Presence Problem

The Solution

The journey towards solving the problem. 

  1. Uplift communication skills

  2. Confidence in self-presentation

  3. Be more assertiveness and self-confidence 

Leadership Executive Presence Solution

Apply The Solution

We help you to succeed in the journey. 

  1. Project Gravitas (How you act?) - confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness.

  2. Conscious Communication (How you speak?) - including speaking skills, assertiveness and the ability to read an audience or situation.

  3. Appealing Appearance (How you look?) - looking the part in terms evaluate your manner of dress, appearance, and grooming.

Leadership Executive Presence Help

Ongoing Success

Making it a success on your own.

  1. Review what truly works for you thus focus on your strengths.

  2. Provide feed-forward which consists of focus-oriented options or solutions.

  3. Access to resources that will serve and support you and get connected to us for further development

Leadership Executive Presence Success

What ROI Talks clients are saying

Omar Al Jundi Badia Farms, United Arab Emirates
Rohit’s methodology impressed me in two ways, His expertise is a culmination of years’ practice grounded on established research, behavioral science and techniques derived from years of experience coupled with the very human aspects of dedication, passion, empathy and kindness. I continue to call upon Rohit’s mentorship.
Socrates Alvaro Emaar Hospitality Group, United Arab Emirates
The ultimate professional, passionate and dedicated to developing and improving executives to maximize their potential. I have had the pleasure to work with Rohit as a General Manager of a business unit in the hospitality industry, where he delivered an outstanding workshop for my team.
Fiona Langton DFS Middle East, United Arab Emirates
Rohit oozes positivity and is a genuinely motivated person, he has been a pleasure to work with and learn from. His patience and teaching style was truly a cut above the rest, he equipped me with new techniques and skills. I am thankful to take away and put into practice his advice, professionally and in my personal life.

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