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People have been told many myths and lies about leadership executive presence. 

Developing your leadership executive presence to authentically win and be in the hearts and minds of people means to expand yourself in three key areas.  Thus, allowing you to be much stronger in for your life, relationships, business and career. 

Often when it comes to leadership executive presence it means to look at three aspects:

  1. Gravitas (How you act?) - confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness.

  2. Communication (How you speak?) - including speaking skills, assertiveness and the ability to read an audience or situation.

  3. Appearance (How you look?) - looking the part in terms evaluate your manner of dress, appearance, and grooming.

To get these three aspects we need to dig deeper and look into I.C.E. Leadership Executive Presence is the harmonious integration of I.C.E in developing and sustaining credibility.

In other words, I.C.E. is intelligence, conscious communication and emotional wisdom.

To expand on this definition, it is about:

  • A journey of self-leadership then leading others

  • Inner self-discovery leading to developing your outer self

  • Gratitude in all situations, no matter how tough

  • Respect and integrate both emotions and logic

  • Awakening The A.C.E – Awareness. Consciousness. Energy

It means to have grit, be brave of heart, have resilience or be antifragile. And it is required at all levels, not just for leaders or leadership roles. 

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