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You Have a Left-Brain Dominance:

dominance of verbal, logical, linear, concrete, time-oriented skills and attention to the details.

Know Your Brain Dominance

Since the differences between the functioning of the right and left hemispheres of the brain have been known for some time, a number of people have proposed tests to establish which is the dominant hemisphere in a person. What you took was a very basic quiz in finding your dominance hemisphere.

We would love you to get a deeper knowing of yourself by using the MiND Tool. Because the subject of neurological dominance relates to the very foundations of your personalities, it has numerous applications in the areas of personal performance, interpersonal relationships and much more.

MiND is not a psychometric - MiND is based on a neurological rather than a psychological model. For this reason, we refer to it a 'neurometric' rather than a psychometric. MiND is analysing the boundary between the psychology of a person and the physiology of their brain - the sources of their energy and motivation rather than their competencies or abilities, as is often the case in psychometrics.

Neuroscientific foundation - MiND is the only profiling tool available today that is based on a scientifically accurate model of the brain. Other profiling tools exist that purport to be brain-based, but in fact all are underpinned by either metaphorical models of the brain or incomplete models that exclude important parts of the brain such as the brain stem, spinal cord and cerebellum.

MiND is situational - MiND is the only profiling tool to acknowledge that a person's psychological make-up can vary according to circumstances and provides an illustration of these differences in the feedback report.

People find that the feedback they receive on their MiND profile is extremely beneficial in helping them understand the reasons why they are the way they are. It helps explain their strengths, their preferences, the choices they make, and most important of all, it helps improve performance, confidence and relationships.

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