Sales Excellence

Two key element that builds or breaks the reputation and branding of a company in the market. That is sales and customer care. Both go hand in hand.

Without sales and ongoing client relationship management an organisation will close, Sales is the oxygenated blood of any organisation. Customer care is integral for companies to succeed, regardless of the type of products and solutions you are offering or the industry that you have chosen to penetrate.

If you want your business to take off, or you desire to be an indispensable asset to your company, joining the sales and customer service is must in the pursuit of excellence.

SMILE – Soul Based Service Excellence

The key element that builds or breaks the reputation and branding of a company in the market is customer care. It is by far the most powerful and credible tool for customer retention, earning…

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SOUL OF SALES – The Nine Universal Laws

Fear or reward which methods do you regularly use to carry out your relationship sales? Both methods could forge your path to success. However there is only one method is forever green, everlasting…

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Feed Forward – WISE Performance Coaching

Good, constructive feedback enables us to learn as we work and to learn from mistakes and success. It means to actually improve; in other words to provide feed forward to excel…Read More Details


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