SOUL OF SALES – The Nine Universal Laws


Fear or reward which methods do you regularly use to carry out your sales? Both methods could forge your path to success. However there is only one method is forever green, everlasting and eternal. In an ethical sales guru book, there is only one way, which is “the Soul of Sales” way.

Fear and reward tend to focus on Always Be Closing (ABC). It is extremely self-centered rather than client-focused. “Soul of Sales – The Nine Universal Laws” is part of the best selling book Success Mastery. It is all about Always Be Caring for the client.

It is a systematic, assertive and compassionate approach to sales. The nine laws allow you to be connected with your core values of serving clients as a trusted advisor thus rises to the next level with ease and comfort. The journey is not of a transaction but forging a successful ethical relationship, which allows both you and the client to be in a win-win situation in the short, medium and long run.


  • Build credibility and connection with your clients
  • Offer solutions to your clients they actually want
  • Negotiate and manage objections in an effective manner
  • Transform from transactional sales to client relationship sales
  • Handle and resolve conflicts as a professional
  • Discover opportunities by tweaking your communication skills


  • Going beyond The sales cycle
  • Excepting and accepting service excellence
  • Building trust & effective relationships
  • Understanding your client buying process
  • Four categories of buyers
  • The Triune Brain Theory in client relationship


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