MiND Tool – MyBrain Applied Neuroscience

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation. The world’s first ‘neurometric’ tool, helps explain the ways in which people differ. Leading to improve in areas such as communication, relationships, leadership, sales, presenting, negotiating and much more.

Psychometric tools are limited to an analysis of how a person thinks and behaves. Neurometric additionally is able to provide a scientific explanation as to why a person thinks and behaves the way they do, and why other people may think and behave differently.

These differences exist because their brains work differently. It is the same reason why someone might be good at maths but struggle with languages – it’s got nothing to do with intelligence, but everything to do with their Neurological Dominance.

Since the various parts of the brain process information in different ways, a person’s Neurological Dominance strongly influences the way they are. A person’s Neurological Dominance, therefore, forms the foundation of their personality. Learning about Neurological Dominance can, therefore, benefit you in ways such as:

  • Strengths and weaknesses – It helps people understand why they are good at some things but less good at others. Why they are more motivated to get involved in certain tasks and tune out at other activities. People often find that knowing this helps them play to their strengths more of the time.
  • Self-confidence – People lack confidence when they feel that they cannot do something or that other people are better. The study of Neurological Dominance shows us that we all have different strengths and weaknesses and that we, therefore, make our contribution in different ways. By understanding their personal Neurological Dominance profile, we find that people are more confident in using their strengths, more accepting of their weaknesses and more tolerant of the weaknesses of other people.
  • Influence, persuasion, and communication – Because everyone is different, an understanding of Neurological Dominance can help people be more effective in influencing and persuading people. For example, while one person will prefer lots of data and facts, another will simply want to be briefed on the “big picture”. Understanding these differences and learning how to recognize them enables people to tailor their approach accordingly.
  • Team effectiveness – For a team to achieve its potential it is important that the members of the team work together to complement one another, but do the team members know each other well enough to achieve this? Running a Neurological Dominance workshop will enable team members to better understand the preferences of their colleagues and learn where the strengths and weaknesses of the group lie.
  • Career and Work-Life Integration – A lot of people have made career decisions based on factors such as pay, perks or location. Yet research suggests that the most successful people succeed because they are in jobs that they are suited to and enjoy. By understanding their Neurological Dominance profile, people are better able to match their career choices to their personal profile, thereby reducing stress and improving their performance.

To learn more about the fascinating subject of Brain Dominance and to discover your own Brain Dominance profile, speak to arrange a coaching, training/ workshop or talk.


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