Rohit Bassi

Dec 21, 2021


 "Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body." – Irene Claremont de Castillejo

Your attitude is very easily projected through your voice and words. Furthermore, it is projected through your non-verbal communication. In simple terms, this means your body language.

The five core elements of body language, which are posture, facial expressions, gestures head motion and eyes.

So, when presenting yourself or delivering that talk please be aware of these seven body language secrets:

  1. Ensure you are in a wholesome state of mind. This will allow you to appear sincere and comfortable with your own body language.

  2. Your facial expressions can make a world of difference when you are communicating with others. Be careful how you express yourself with your mouth, eyes and eyebrows. Do you want the eyebrow raise action of the Rock (Dwayne Johnson)?

  3. A smile is the easiest way to communicate with another individual. Generally speaking, people who smile tend to come across as happy. This makes it easier to communicate with them. Smiling is a great way to establish a rapport. In certain cultures please be aware of whom to smile at.

  4. With your eye contact, you can build trust however staring at the other person to death may just do the opposite. Many people believe that our eyes reveal our thought and feelings thus creating a bond, which means you, are more likely to pay attention.

  5. In many cultures speaking with your hands can be very helpful while in others you have to be conservative with your hand movement. Use your hands to draw someone's attention to an important point, count using your fingers, and if need be use your whole arm to emphasize certain feelings.

  6. Placing your hands in your pockets when communicating with someone may come across as being impolite or rude. Furthermore, fiddling with an object, or making obscene gestures during a conversation can be extremely off-putting.

  7. When you see someone with a good body posture you get a sense of confidence from them. Your body posture reveals how much you care about yourself.

It is easy to hide behind your voice and words but your body never lies. Be aware of what your body language is communicating. A very important thing to remember is that your inner feelings have a direct impact on your body language. So, be good with your inner thoughts.

Written by:

Rohit Bassi

Dec 21, 2021