Polishing Your Executive Presence – Why You Need It and How to Do It

There is an undefined oozing charisma and compelling authority from someone who walked by. This person, as you would vibe it, is a person of the executive level. After all, an ordinary employee can’t carry such a dignified posture and stance. But, to your dismay, it turned out to be the same ranking employee as you but is assigned in a different department. To rub salt on your open wounds, this Monday’s meeting is an announcement of that individual’s promotion.

You may not have heard about executive presence and the mere fact of its existence, but as you grow more curious about it, you begin to discover that it is not a trait endowed to the chosen only. More often than not, it can be developed and cultivated through executive presence coaching.

It takes time to train yourself to act accordingly, but it is not impossible. To gain a more in-depth understanding and actual practice on how to acquire executive presence, you can enroll in our online or face to face services. We offer training, coaching, and mentoring services that you can book right now.

But, before delving further on tips for developing your executive presence, let us first understand its nature.

Executive Presence: What is It?

In a nutshell, executive presence makes it possible for an individual to influence others into a decision, inspire and exude confidence among others, and entice a charismatic kind of leadership. Having an executive presence embed your work ethics, and manners make senior leaders view as someone capable of handling significant responsibilities and magnificent achievements.

The Need for Executive Presence: Why Now?

An adage about leadership reads, “All the important decisions about you will be made when you’re not in the room.” When your senior executives decide whether to give you a raise or not happens when you are not included in the discussion—the same with other critical concerns and issues.

Having a reliable and unwavering executive presence makes you an individual worth considering. Imagine how many opportunities you gain access to just because you have an impactful executive presence? The more you are trying to reach greater heights, the more crucial your executive presence becomes.

How to Build Your Executive Presence From Scratch

It is easy to enroll yourself in executive presence coaching and attend sessions to develop executive presence if you have the financial resources and the commitment to it. However, this does not measure your dedication and willingness, which makes your executive presence more essential.

Here are our top picks for building your executive presence. Always remember that these tips should be accompanied by genuine commitment and hunger for learning.

Have a Well-Articulated Vision

Visions make a person accountable and responsible for achieving goals and desires. Without a vision, you are basically stuck in a rut. Worse, you will become a stagnant piece of a chess game, running the rat race of employment and corporate structure. With a vision you plan on working for the near foreseeable future, your actions become guided and organized.

Plus, being able to communicate your vision in a manner of eloquence and purpose, make others want to follow your lead. It won’t hurt to memorize or write down your vision on a scrap piece of paper from time to time to guarantee that you can communicate well when the question pops up.

Know-How Others See and Feel You

One critical aspect of building an executive presence is knowing how others see and work with you. If you aspire a more significant leadership post, your span of controls becomes broader and more extensive. You must adjust and react to situations accordingly, no matter what the setting can be.

Developing Communication Skills

Would you not agree that those with remarkable executive presence are eloquent and great listeners? These people know how to convey a message with ease and professionalism. Plus, they can listen with no prejudice or biases. Thus, making decision making objective and fair.

As executive presence becomes instrumental when you climb the corporate leader, you can always rely on experts who provide executive presence coaching services to get your engines revving. These experts will make leadership presence coaching exciting and challenging for you as you aspire to be greater than yesterday’s version of yourself.

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