Executive Presence

Executive Presence is a strength that could allow anyone to advance in their careers, businesses and lives. It goes beyond your listening, critical thinking, speaking skills and having a sense of higher emotional intelligence.

Executive Presence reduces conflict leading you to influence and persuade with ease. Communicating, delivering a presentation, challenging a C-level audience, negotiating with seniors or highly experienced people requires executive presence. This could be for stakeholders in different scenarios:

  • Sales – delivery of a powerful pitch to a client or selling a concept
  • Technical – ensure teams, budget holders or clients on projects get updates with clarity
  • Business Case – influencing to get approvals for your ideas
  • High-stake – persuasion with ease when defending decisions made

Courageous Communication – VWB

Many of us admire people who are courageous and calm in their communication. Such assertive communication with others is not always easy. Courageous communication becomes crucial…

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Developing Executive Presence – JIGRA

Master the powerful art of “executive presence”. It is all about “JIGRA”. The missing link to success, self-leadership and leading others. It means to integrate your brain, heart and mind…

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Public Speaking & Presentations Secrets

Many people are aware of President Obama, Jack Ma, and Sheryl Sandberg. All have something in common apart from being rich. Without this skill they have, you may seriously impact your…

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