Developing Executive Presence – JIGRA


Master the powerful art of “executive presence”. The missing link to success, self-leadership and leading others. Executive Presence is all about “JIGRA”, an ancient word from the heart of North India. It means a person of brave heart.

Brave heart entails you to integrate your brain, heart and mind. Thus giving you the inner courage/ strength, to be in spirit to pass through the highs and adversities with enthusiasm. Such a state makes other perceive you as being without fear, fearless.

Realize your full potential in order to strengthen your executive presence in one-to-one and small group settings, formal meetings, and presentations.

That means:

  • Leading and influencing with great zeal
  • Tap into your inner and outer strength to get things done
  • Allowing yourself to connect with your emotional wisdom
  • Being decisive especially in tough situations

The session takes crucial elements from:

  • Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway from Dr. Susan Jeffers
  • Emotional Wisdom from Armand Kruger, Clinical Psychologist
  • Applied Neuroscience from MyBrain
  • The Solution from Dr. Segu Ramesh

It dwells into models and framework such as:

  • NLP Communication Model
  • Stephen R. Covey’s Listening Continuum
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Trust Equation


  • Develop an authentic and powerful communication style
  • Adopt an active compassionate listening style and be more open to the ideas of others
  • Deliver messages that are compelling, conviction and impact
  • Project more confidence and ease when interacting with others (internal, external, junior to senior)
  • Knowing the importance of creativity
  • Handle difficult conversations and situations with poise and gravitas


  • Truth About Executive Presence
  • Neurological Dominance Profile
  • The Truth About Trust Equation
  • Presence Through Speaking & Listening
  • Being Creative In Your Thinking
  • Strength or Warmth In Making Decisions


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