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Our mission is to improve peoples careers, businesses, and lives by being great at speaking and listening.

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About ROI Talks

Whether you are a leader, team member or a change-marker it’s often hard to connect with people and communicate your thoughts, ideas and challenges.  We provide the opportunity to make those connections vibrant thus helping you to improve, innovate and develop.

Our Vision

We envision being the "go-to person" whenever people want to learn how to be outstanding in conversations, presentations, and public speaking.

Our Purpose

Developing leadership communication that results in leading with courage, clarity, conviction, and compassion.

Our Values

Thrive with compassion, love, and joy to unleash true potential. 

Our Journey Here

We have a passion to serve and support.

May 2011

Where It Began 

May 2011, In Learning was launched. Over the years we got greater clarity and in 2018 renamed ourselves to ROI Talks. In Learning, is currently on the drawing board of being an e-learning and development platform. ROI Talks focuses on providing live face to face or virtual learning development sessions. 

In Learning


Anxiety & Depression

Through our sessions of "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®" a number of our delegates informed they felt less fearful, doubtful, worried and managed to reduce social anxiety. They felt the enjoyment of work and life thus depression feelings significantly lowered.

Feel the fear and do it anyway



We venture to deliver a number of sessions in Afghanistan. An experience that made our founder, Rohit Bassi, appreciate what a blessed and fortunate life he has been living. A turning point in his life to realise the importance of humility and be respectful to all.



Tough Year

Investment in e-learning technology causes financial strain. The technology platform is a hoax and the provider refuses to take accountability. Even with the tough financial constraints we sail through the stormy weather and reach the shores for a brighter new start. 



Millions of USD

In the business world, being an effective sales presenter is a game-changer. Mastering the art of sales requires extensive presentation selling skills. With our guidance, our client for the first time in their company history wins a deal that goes into millions of dollars.

Sales Success


Wisdom From The East

After working with amazing clients in the Middle East, India and United Kingdom we start exploring the Southeast Asia market. To date, we have delivered sessions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Southeast Asia


Viet National Television

After running a session in Vietnam, Vietnam Television is intrigued by Rohit Bassi's unconventional deliver and positive dramatic impact on the delegates. He is invited to be interviewed in July 2017 and then January 2018. 

Vietnam National Television


Compassion At TED

Rohit Bassi delivers his first TEDx Talk which is available on the platform. He was invited by Qatar as an international speaker to deliver the talk named "The Miracle of Compassion". 

TED Talk


Best Selling Author

In 2018, Rohit Bassi becomes a Best Selling Author of the book Success Mastery with Jack Canfield. He had a greater joy of launching his book in 2019. A mini-book that is a 30 minutes read that leads to a life of transformation. The book is called "Living Through Self Compassion".



The Awakening

"Living Through Self Compassion" is converted into an e-learning course. It was created to help people to pass through the rough and tough period of COVID. We may be in the same storm but are in different boats. So, every little helps during such times. 


Our Team


Rohit Bassi

Founder - Stopping leaders, sales, team members or individuals from sabotaging your success by helping you master your communication for a better career and life.

LinkedIn Rohit


Arjun Aiyar

Arjun Aiyar

Senior Associate - 'Quantum Transformational' business and life coach has helped scores of people transform their thinking thus their life.

LinkedIn Rohit

Ray Jacobs

Ray Jacobs

Senior Associate - Specializes in management/team leader development along with coaching for teams and individuals. A life coaching veteran.

LinkedIn Rohit

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