Courageous Communication - Courage Is The First of Human Virtues

Everyone is afraid of something or someone and it is courage that inspires you to face the difficulty, danger, pain or fear. 

Your Journey


Many of us admire people who are courageous and calm in their communication. Such assertive communication with others is not always easy.

Courageous communication becomes crucial for you to pass through tough scenarios such as:

  • Challenging someone junior or senior

  • Expressing an unpopular opinion

  • Proactively carrying out tasks with quality

  • Dealing with individuals who are difficult

  • Or even attempting to calm an upset colleague/client

Being assertive with your communication is at the heart of strong relationships with your clients and others you deal with. It means being influential and impactful with your VWB (voice, words and body language).


  • Make great lasting impressions

  • Deepen your self-confidence

  • Assert proactive behaviour

  • Build and strengthen the credibility

  • Influence and persuade with more success

  • Develop presence and authority

Session Topics

  • Creating influential relationships

  • Assertive, aggressive, passive communication

  • Essence to strength and warmth of body language and voice

  • Email writing with impact

  • Art of being a “Trusted Advisor”

  • Active empathic listening skills


Do you run away at the first sign of trouble or are you confident enough to stand up for your rights and beliefs?

This diagnostic will help you discover if you are truly assertive or truly terrified of conflict. 

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Your Journey

An adventure of vulnerability, versatility and victory

The Problem

Questions about the journey. 

  1. As a leader or team member are you having trouble speaking up to confront problems constructively?

  2. Are you finding it tough to talk with assertiveness about issues that matter most, even when your viewpoint may be unpopular?

  3. Are you finding it difficult to be able to act and respond to a changing world in an agile manner?

Courageous Communication Problem

The Solution

The journey towards solving the problem.

  1. Discuss difficult/sensitive matters with greater ease.

  2. Handle highly-emotional reactions confidently.

  3. Turn difficult conversations into productive ones.

Courageous Communication Solution

Apply The Solution

We help you to succeed in the journey.

  1. Use your emotional wisdom to handle conversations with courage.

  2. Improve your ability to resolve conflicts by knowing your personality that gives an insight into your own behaviour and that of others.

  3. Be mindful of your inner talk, voice, verbal and visual communication

Courageous Communication Help

Ongoing Success

Making it a success on your own.

  1. Review what truly works for you thus focus on your strengths.

  2. Provide feed-forward which consists of focus-oriented options or solutions.

  3. Access to resources that will serve and support you and get connected to us for further development.

Courageous Communication Success

What ROI Talks clients are saying

Jun Man Speak First, United Kingdom
Having worked with Rohit on a number of projects I recommend him highly if you are looking for results and goals to be achieved! Rohit is an experienced trainer and coach who demonstrates he truly cares for his clients!
Walid Abdelaziz Oracle, United Arab Emirates
Rohit is a real talent, a great motivator with great energy to inspire the people he works with to achieve and to think differently. He truly leads by example, he positively challenges the status quo and is open to new perspectives.
Gaj Ravichandra Kompass Consultancy, United Arab Emirates
Rohit is a fantastic source of energy and an experienced speaker. Throughout our engagements, he has demonstrated a piece of his soul and delivered with commitment and excellence.

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