Rohit Bassi

Jun 7, 2021


The taste of pizza is amazing, I love it. Warning if you eat too many yummylicious pizzas you may just get gain weight. You will be disappointed to know that this article has nothing to do with having pizza to break pass through the fear of public speaking.


I have heard many presenters say that in order to overcome the fear of presenting imagine your audience to be naked (short form nkd). The honest fact is that this has never worked for me and a number of great presenters I have met agree with me on this. The concept of viewing your audience naked is very absurd for numerous public speakers.

What has worked for me and others is:

Secret #1: YOU – Powerful Public Speaking
Secret #2: IKO – Powerful Public Speaking
Secret #3: P3 – Powerful Public Speaking

A crucial element to overcome your fear of public speaking is to be in balance and integrated to your “inner self”. It means to always focus on creating and managing a positive mindset. In other words, the way you think and feel has a dramatic effect on your delivery.

By digging deep into such a state you overcome the state of fear. When you are in a state of fear ask yourself two critical questions to overcome that fear:

What do you achieve by being in this state of fear?
What do you achieve by not being in this state of fear?
There are payoffs in both cases. The person who asks these questions to himself/herself will get a greater in-depth knowing of their emotional state by answering these two crucial questions. When doing this exercise remember to take pen to paper and jot your thoughts.

Once you are able to dig deep into your emotional state by asking these questions you then have to make a decision in which emotional state you would like to be in. Would you like to be in an emotional state of fear, anxiety, worry or strong self-esteem, confidence and inner belief?

By doing so you will really see the naked fear that is sabotaging your delivery.

Written by:

Rohit Bassi

Jun 7, 2021