Rohit Bassi

Feb 21, 2022


Please ask yourself these two fundamental questions:

  • What enhances your life? 

  • What inhibits your life?

You may have thought about it and here are some of the things you possibly came up with:

  • Motivation 

  • Attitude

  • Knowledge

  • Skill

  • Policies

  • Market

  • Government

  • Weather

  • Money

  • Other people

So, please ask yourself another two key questions:

  • Which of these (things you thought of) do you control?

  • Which of these (things you thought of) are outside your control?

When you review the list of your thoughts you can easily see things that you control and things that are out of your control. This leads to the essence of how you could manage your life. You could start operating on the simple ABC and AUC principle:

  • ABC - Areas Beyond (my) Control

  • AUC - Areas Under (my) Control

Finally, look at these two principles and please ask yourself “Where are you spending your time, effort & energy (in ABC or AUC)?”

Thank you Arjun Aiyar for making me aware of this.

Written by:

Rohit Bassi

Feb 21, 2022