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Developing leadership communication through mindfulness. Resulting in you being able to lead with courage, clarity, conviction and compassion. 

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Whether you’re public speaking, have a sales presentation, or an important leadership meeting, we’ll bring your message to life.

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Training to strengthen leadership executive presence, connect with your audiences for presentations, be more confident for a sales pitch or simply build a great team.


Life, work or business coaching to help you unlock your potential to maximise your own performance. Here to serve and support you to tap into your inner wisdom.


We develop bespoke sessions to achieve your objectives. Consulting, workshops, coaching or bite-size sessions (1-3 hours) that best fit into your time and budgets.

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I look forward to hearing your story about your communication and figuring out how we can help you write a better ending.


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Leadership Executive Presence

Stand Out By Developing 
Your Leadership Presence

Commanding respect and communicating with impact is crucial in leadership. This is the ability to amplify intelligence, conscious communication and emotional wisdom. How you as a leader think, act, speak and look has an impact on the people who follow you. Develop a presence in inspiring and transformation of the people you lead.

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Presenting With Impact – Secrets Of Public Speaking & Presentation

Win Hearts, Transform Minds, Get Results

Struggling with presentation should not be something you need to be ashamed of. Be an “authentic and charismatic speaker”. Show true value and deliver messages that matter to your listeners. Learn the fast and easy way to “pass through your fear” of public speaking. Present for that sales pitch, meeting or leadership talk with ease and comfort.

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MiND Tool – MyBrain Applied Neuroscience

 Getting Into 'FLOW' To Improve Performance

Know yourself by discovering your neurological dominance. Know why you think and behave the way you do, and why other people may think and behave differently. Accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the world’s first ‘neurometric’ tool, helps explain the ways in which people differ. 

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Courageous Communication - Courage Is The First of Human Virtues

Connect, Converse And Collaborate

Being assertive and calm in your communication with others is not always easy. Such courageous communication becomes crucial to pass through tough scenarios. Ace your communication with your colleagues, clients and people you deal with. Be influential and impactful through conscious communication.

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Soul Of Sales – The Nine Universal Laws

Maximize Relationships, Revenues And Results

Many people say salespeople are liars; they are the scum of the earth, cheats and out to make a quick buck. In an ethical sales guru book, the only way to sell is the "Soul of Sales” way. Fear and reward tend to focus on Always Be Closing (ABC). “Soul of Sales – The Nine Universal Laws” is part of the best selling book Success Mastery, it is all about Always Be Caring for the client.

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Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway® - Enrich Your Relationships & Emotional Well-being

The Whole Life Way To Your Ikigai Discover Love, Purpose And Joy In Your Life

Do you fear an upcoming event? A new relationship? A career switch? A “new” you? Every person encounters suffering in his or her life. It could be a troubled relationship, lost or unaware of purpose, or seeking change. Discover ways to pass through the fear, clear the negativity that erodes the relationship and embrace a life of mind-flow. 

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What ROI Talks clients are saying

Hattie He CPL Aroma, United Arab Emirates
Rohit has delivered workshops for our teams from across the globe. He did a fantastic job, everyone loved his workshop content and all the learnings they received. We are so lucky to find him and really enjoyed his program. Highly recommend.
Matthew Fryar Avani Hotels & Resorts, Vietnam
We needed to strengthen our leadership team's communication skills. The training was a great success; we enjoyed Rohit's natural way of communication. The effect of his training was evident and his guidelines I started to see results from the team.
Alma Martin Amigo Lockton, United Arab Emirates
Working with Rohit has been a pleasure for our organisation. Not only he is dynamic and full of energy, but he is also able to challenge the audience to participate. His customisation of the presentation for the group truly made the difference.


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